Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Replies to Comments

Wow, I'm amazed anew at the power of the internet!! After the Yarn Harlot mentioned that I had finished the Kauni cardigan, I had an unusually high number of visitors to my blog!!! I wanted to thank everyone for their comments and answer a few questions.

One commenter asked about how the yarn made the pattern. It is actually knit with two strands of the yarn, in a stranded yarn method. The background was one color and the foreground was another color from a different ball. It is actually quite ingenous how complicated the pattern looks, simply due to the variegated yarn.

Sheila asked about the square motifs, and if they were difficult to knit in? Sheila, the squares were so easy to knit. In fact, this pattern is a very easy way to get started with stranded knitting, as there are only four rows of two color knitting and six of single color knitting. It just flies off the needles.

And Mary, I knit at Panera's in Fairfax every couple of weeks with some wonderful and inspiring women. If you are interested in attending, let me know, and I'll give you details.

And finally, the BUTTONS!! I got up early this morning, and blended the polymer clay to match the button bands, and made the buttons. They are baking as I write this. You will have to wait until they are done, to see them!!!

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