Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vermont Mud Toe-Up Socks

Hot off the needles are a pair of handspun socks, knit from the toe up using Cat Bordhi's upstream architecture. The wool is from Grafton Fibers Colorworks club and was spun in two batches, one for each sock, and then navajo plied. My spinning was not very consistent and one half of one of the balls was quite a lot larger in grist. Both socks started off at 60 stitches around, but when I got to the second sock heel, I had to decrease to 56 stitches and go up a needle size. I bound off both with an i-cord bindoff of 3 stitches done with a larger needles size and grafted the ends together - not well - but functional.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Final Picture of Chloe's Shrug

Well it sure did turn out very well, and the fit is excellent. She seemed pleased and wore it out to lunch in Shirlington! Looks great on her, doesn't it??