Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Feather and Fan Toe Up Socks

Done toe-up, 72 stitches on #0 dpns, with my usual dutch heel and crochet bindoff. The yarn is from Joslyn's Fiber Farm, in superwash merino, and mohair, and is one of my favorites. The mohair gives it great strength.

Kauni Cardigan Progress

Here is the work-in-progress, almost to the armhole steeks. I believe that I am almost through the entire color sequencing and am liking it a whole lot! I did some pencil coloring, as suggested in some other blogs, to see about differing color combinations, but in the end, I just started at the beginning of the two skeins. Of course, the beginnings were just perfect as you can see, since the two colors are one place away from each other on the color wheel.

I've been researching steeks, and finishing them, and such, and have some ideas, but I'll wait and see how it goes at that time. I am such a procrastinator.

This sweater also incorporates the Philosophers Wool technique, using two hands, and weaving every other stitch. Takes a lot longer that way, but is very sturdy fabric.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Trekking XXL Socks

My usual toe-up pattern on #0 dpns, with Trekking XXL color 106, It's a lovely colorway. The pattern, Lace Rib, is from Charlene Schurch's "Sensational Knitted Socks" and is a 5-stitch pattern repeated rib. Tops were finished with crochet bind off.

Coral Triple Strand Bracelet

These beads are also from the bead show, and were very inexpensive. It took me almost all day to make the three beaded balls, but I attribute that time to strong painkillers I was taking after a wisdom tooth extraction. The third one I made went along much faster.

Coiled Bead Sterling Bracelet

I've been procrastinating making a silver bracelet because of the cost, but I decided to just go for it. Bought the Bali beads at the bead show last week, and put it together on Tuesday. Not perfect, but I am so happy with the outcome. It's quite heavy but sits well on my wrist.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Aoife's Beaded Socks Redux

These are for my elder granddaughter, whose original beaded socks did not fit. These were knit toe up, on 56 stitches on #0 dpns and have a picot edge on the top of the cuff, with 6/0 beads added via crochet hook method on the leg. I used #00 dpns for the inside of the picot area so it would minimize puckering. The yarn was Sockotta cotton and wool #5618.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Midnight Evening Bag by Noni

This is the cutest thing imaginable! It is made for my youngest granddaughter who is having her first communion on Sunday. The second picture shows the scale compared to my larger everyday felted bag.

On another note, I just figured out how to insert links into posts without using the raw html. I simply needed to switch to another browser! I normally use Safari for the Mac, but it didn't show a link insertion tool, but Firefox works! So now I will be able to add links!! I love it! Now I can credit other talented people on the web when I use their ideas!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Unst Sock from "Knitting on the Road"

The patterns in the leg of this sock are traditional shetland patterns. The yarn is violet wool yarn from Joslyn's Fiber Farm. It came in a sock of the month offering, but I didn't like the pattern it came with, and chose this pattern from Nancy Bush's sock book. It was knit toe up on 56 stitches on #1 dpns.

Kauni Cardigan in Progess

I saw this gorgeous colorful cardigan at Red Bird Knits and HAD TO HAVE IT TOO!! See her blog at Red Bird Knits for further information as to where to find the pattern and yarn (from Denmark). The cardigan pattern is free from the designer but the yarn shipping was very expensive, almost more than the yarn itself. But it's worth it, PLUS it came within a week of ordering it. The yarn is a little harsher feeling than a lot of Americans want, but I like it a lot. It feels like shetland to me. The yarn came in two very large skeins of 290gms each and it wound up into these nice balls. My ball winder was not big enough to wind the entire skein in one ball! I washed it the same day I received it and only a little color bled, so I was pleased at that. The progress is my second start, since I was not getting gauge at first. I went up a needle size and now it's better. There are a couple other knitters working on it, and if you google "kauni cardigan" you'll find some more information about color combinations, and indeed, the original designer and the yarn source. I can hardly put it down because I want to see what color combination is coming up next!!!