Sunday, April 05, 2009

Small Purses for Small Children

These silly purses are being sent to California to my niece and nephew for their birthdays. The badger purse was the first I knit and I love the stumpy legs and stumpy toes! I wanted to make a Hello Kitty bag for my niece and had to modify the pattern to do so. My embroidery is sadly lacking but it came out quite cute, I think. I hope they like them!!

I have a link to the pattern on my project page in ravelry, if you're interested. They are are perfect size for an iPhone.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Lava Rock Necklace Completed

I knew exactly how I wanted this to look - I had some rubber cording which I have never used previously. Most of the holes in the beads were slightly small and I had to ream them out with a bead reamer. (My thumb today is very sore.) But it worked well, and I made the clasp connections afterward since I hadn't planned that far ahead. Super glue is very strong for this purpose and overall I am quite pleased.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Buttons and Lava Rocks

After our button making-workshop, I bought some Amazing Mold Putty from Michael's to make my own button molds, and of course I had to make some buttons right away. These three buttons had a center of green clay, had thin slices of a shell cane place around each one, and then were pressed into the mold. Each button was buffed with a dremel tool after baking.

These lava rocks were made from plain ole black clay, formed roughly, and then pressed into kosher salt. I made a few more indentations with a needle tool, and then baked. After baking, I immediately dunked them in water so the salt would dissolve and buffed them as well, for a subtle sheen.