Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rose Swallowtail Shawl

Many, many people have been knitting this beautiful piece of lace over the last few months, and I had to follow suit. The yarn is Zephyr lace-weight wool/silk in cassis, another word for rose pink. The last picture shows it blocking on the floor and still damp as you can see. It turned out really nicely and has a single bead at each point. The nupps add so much to this shawl and the only modifications I made were to go up to larger needles as the ends approached so that the points would be well defined. I used size 7 for the last lily of the valley repeat and used a 10 for the last two rows.


Earpinz said...

The Colors are so Neet!!!!
I Just adore them!!!

Jessica at Earpinz

Leann Alexander said...

This is a beautiful shawl! Lovely knitting!