Monday, August 04, 2008

New Cell Phone Sock

My grandaughter is getting her first cell phone today, so when I showed up at her house wearing my houndstooth cell phone sock around my neck, and she commented on it, I gave it to her. So now I had to make another one, since I use it so much around the boat.

This one was embellished with reverse single crochet around the top and tab, using a single strand of sock yarn. The natural/gray yarn is a heavier wool sock yarn, and I used my handy-dandy mechanical i-cord maker to make the cord. My previous cell sock had a buttonhole to close it all up, but it was a pain to open it up quickly when the phone was ringing, so I opted for a simple cord to wrap around the button once, sort of like one of those envelopes.

I like it.

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sleogue said...

You're right, having to unbutton the phone is a pain, so the wrap string is a good improvement... but your granddaughter loves the little houndstooth case you gave her :-)