Friday, December 05, 2008

Finished Mauve Coat

If you will forgive my self-portrait shot, then here are the final pics of my coat. I have worn it already, and it is very warm and heavy. The sleeves are slightly too short because I was worried about the shoulders and neck stretching and took extra steps to prevent that - binding off stitches instead of the 3-needle bind off and picking up of live stitches that were called for in the pattern. Most of the projects in Ravelry which I saw for this coat had much too long sleeves and sloppy necklines. Mine does not. I am still hoping the sleeves will stretch a little bit, but I am mostly very pleased. And I love the buttons I made!

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Sharon said...

Cindy, Cindy stop it I'm still thinking about a project from two weeks ago and have not started on it. Now you, a different story, your jacket is done, you finished several PMC pieces, knitted those adorable Mother May I socks and probably other projects. ha ha

The jacket is beautiful and looks great on you. BUT why are the buttons on different sides in your pictures? Did you use a mirror or am I crazy?