Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Wire Mania

Even though my photography has been improving, I can't seem to get the right light conditions for these objects. I am averse to using lights but I tried a lot of other things, including my light box, but I'm still not happy with the shots. But since I'd rather play with beads and wire than experiment with my camera setup, here it is. (NOTE: I just uploaded a couple more pictures which are better.)

The polymer clay beads I used for this necklace and earring set are quite psychedelic, because of the red to purple skinner blend I used for part of the cane. They are very interesting to me.

I used 20 gauge copper wire and my jig to make the links. I don't have much experience with using the jig but it was a lot of fun and quick, in addition. I realize that the copper will tarnish quite quickly and that's okay with me, as I don't think the copper is really the right color wire. I would have preferred gold, but didn't have any.

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