Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Silver Charm Bracelet

I took a class with Sally Stevens at Stars Beads on Saturday to learn how to make this charm bracelet. Her daughter made the lampwork beads which hang from it. Connie Fox was pretty much the original designer of it, but Sally had a few extra tricks up her sleeve. The bracelet has been tumbled for a couple of hours to bring out the shine of the silver, but that very shininess which I wanted to see has created havoc with picture-taking! I've been working on photographing it for a couple of days and actually thought something was wrong with my camera. Finally figured it out after requesting help from the resident photographer, Frank. The shininess caused the camera to think it was much brighter light than it was and the resultant shots came out dark. After changing the background several times, I put it in the lightbox on black construction paper and that was the solution!!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Love the color. Good problem solver - a lightbox..