Saturday, July 03, 2010

Magic Carpet Socks

My friend Perri gave me a kit for these socks from Sanguine Gryphon. (Thanks, Perri.) I just finished them up and they are very fancy and imaginative. The beads and leaf beads add a lot of bling to them.

I started out with size 1 needles over 80 stitches but was not getting gauge, so I switched to 0's. They are quite tight on my feet but still wearable, so maybe I should have used the 1's, at least on the leg sections.

They really are reminiscent of an oriental rug, aren't they?


Eva-Maria Ruhl said...

I love the new header, Cindy!
I think Perry will be very happy when she sees these socks. They really are "magic".
If only the weather would cooperate, so you could wear them! They are really special.

Suzy said...

What great socks. They'll be such fun to wear when the weather turns and we have cool evenings again. Love the embellishments!
I'm working on some tabi socks to wear with flipflops!
After a hot, hot week... cooler temps are on their way!