Friday, April 22, 2011

Yet More Earrings

More earrings. I feel as though I have only started with all the ideas running around in my head. I'm very sad that the price of silver is just skyrocketing and I want to conserve the little that I have. Sigh.


Suzy said...

These earrings that you are creating are spectacular! When are you going to put them on your Etsy site?

I have such mixed feelings about your obvious joy (and talent) in creating jewelry. I want you to be spinning and weaving a lot too!

You GO girl!!!

Eva-Maria Ruhl said...

Cindy!!! I haven't seen your blog for a while and WOW!! You have gone crazy and wild with fabulous earrings. Not that anything you do surprises me anymore. These are really FUN. Can't wait to see you model them at Ava's :)