Saturday, November 05, 2011

Brass Cuffs

I have a Bill Fretz DVD which showed how to fabricate these simple, but lovely, brass cuffs.  They started out life as a 2" diameter brass tube and were cut to about a little more than 1" wide.  After hammering them, I cut the ring apart with a jeweler's saw and then polished them.  I am enthralled with my creations!  The plain cuff was made a few weeks ago, and became very tarnished after polishing, so I tried Renaissance Wax and that seems to be doing the trick so far.  Time will tell.  I have two more rings so I will be playing some more!


Monika said...

Both are beautiful!

Sharon said...

Wow these are great

Acornbud said...

Really lovely. A very rewarding project!