Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vintage Cardigan Completed

Here is the cardigan I have been knitting for the last month and it is finally finished.  I bought the buttons at ACMoore and they are okay, although I'm not totally thrilled with them.  The yarn is alpaca, wool, and angora and is just lovely to work with.  Great stitch definition.  I will see how it holds up to wear though as angora does tend to felt somewhat.

I am thrilled with the finish on this cardi.  All the little details are so interesting to me, and I am also happy with the finishing I did on this.

The pattern is from Interweave Knits, Spring 2005, and is the Vintage Pink Cardigan.  The color in this post is more true to life than the previous post.  It is called Peapod and does resemble that color!!


Robin said...

Lovely (and it looks so comfy and warm!)

Sharon said...

The color must look lovely on you. I wish we good see the button hole edges. It appears to be an interesting effect.