Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Version of Fold Formed Necklace

I made a similar version of this necklace last year, and regrettably sold it.  I didn't really want to let it go, but I did.  I've been thinking of it ever since so I decided to try to make another one.  There were two problems though, the first being the copper folded piece.  I had no idea how I made it but luckily I did have a picture.  So I just started in playing with it.  It has a similar feeling to it but isn't quite as nice as the original.  The bead was the second problem.  But I felt confident that I could fabricate something similar with polymer clay.  When it was baked, I added some brown acrylic paint, dabbed on with a paper towel and rubbed off.  It was a real mess, but I'm happy with the final result.  The necklace 'chain' is made from copper wire pieces balled up in the flame and then forged flat.  I connected everything together with brass jump rings and a brass swan clasp.

Here is a picture of the original piece.  I'm still thinking about the little brass tendril poking out from the bead.

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Loretta S said...

out of the box! do you have a design background?