Thursday, May 03, 2007

Kauni Cardigan in Progess

I saw this gorgeous colorful cardigan at Red Bird Knits and HAD TO HAVE IT TOO!! See her blog at Red Bird Knits for further information as to where to find the pattern and yarn (from Denmark). The cardigan pattern is free from the designer but the yarn shipping was very expensive, almost more than the yarn itself. But it's worth it, PLUS it came within a week of ordering it. The yarn is a little harsher feeling than a lot of Americans want, but I like it a lot. It feels like shetland to me. The yarn came in two very large skeins of 290gms each and it wound up into these nice balls. My ball winder was not big enough to wind the entire skein in one ball! I washed it the same day I received it and only a little color bled, so I was pleased at that. The progress is my second start, since I was not getting gauge at first. I went up a needle size and now it's better. There are a couple other knitters working on it, and if you google "kauni cardigan" you'll find some more information about color combinations, and indeed, the original designer and the yarn source. I can hardly put it down because I want to see what color combination is coming up next!!!

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