Sunday, April 05, 2009

Small Purses for Small Children

These silly purses are being sent to California to my niece and nephew for their birthdays. The badger purse was the first I knit and I love the stumpy legs and stumpy toes! I wanted to make a Hello Kitty bag for my niece and had to modify the pattern to do so. My embroidery is sadly lacking but it came out quite cute, I think. I hope they like them!!

I have a link to the pattern on my project page in ravelry, if you're interested. They are are perfect size for an iPhone.


Denise said...

These two bags are so cute!

I am considering being a total copycat and making the hello kitty version because I have a friend who not only loves all things hello kitty but also, as it so happens, owns an iPhone.

Suzy said...

These are adorable Cindy!