Friday, April 03, 2009

Lava Rock Necklace Completed

I knew exactly how I wanted this to look - I had some rubber cording which I have never used previously. Most of the holes in the beads were slightly small and I had to ream them out with a bead reamer. (My thumb today is very sore.) But it worked well, and I made the clasp connections afterward since I hadn't planned that far ahead. Super glue is very strong for this purpose and overall I am quite pleased.

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Suzy said...

I love the clasp... how do you do it? I usually just do an overhang knot when I use leather cord on a beaded necklace, but this allows you to have a shorter one... my way has to go over my head so the beads sit mid-chest instead of at the base of my neck.
Love seeing what you do!