Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kauni Cardigan Progress

I've made it to the first sleeve!! I already knit the neckband since I was already at a similar color as the bottom ribbing, and I am attempting to at least have similar colors for the knit bands. I hate to waste any of this gorgeous yarn so we'll see how it works out. The knitting has begun with the opposite end of the yarn in the ball, so that the color changes will be in the same order. The gauge on the sleeves has been all wonky and I frogged several inches of the sleeve and started over using two circular needles, in a size smaller than the body. The second picture shows the yarn I have left!!!!! I started out with four balls altogether and used the smaller ones first. The incredible part about this yarn was that there was NOT ONE SINGLE KNOT OR BREAK IN EITHER ONE OF THE SKEINS. This is in huge contrast to some yarn skeins I have used in the past (not this brand) that have had multiple knots in 50 gm balls. These were 290 gms each and not one knot. Amazing!!

You are also seeing how I manage the floppy sweater body while knitting the sleeves. I folded it all up in quarters, and stuck a circular needle through all the layers resulting in a nice small package to handle. The center steeks have not been cut yet to make it easier to manuever.

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Heather - heather(underscore)lunan(at)yahoo(dot)com said...

Hi Cindy,

I have been researching the gorgeous Kauni cardigan and found your blog, so nice to read about you! I've joined the KAL for the cardi and wanted to ask you, what were the names of the yarn colors that you selected for your cardigan? The website to order seems so murky, I couldn't tell what they were called. I will continue to watch your blog for your progress. It's so pretty but may be beyond my skills. I'me ordering the Philosphy wool book too. Thank you!