Friday, June 29, 2007

Kauni Cardigan Sleeves

Sorry for the shiny background! Don't know how to photograph this large thing!!
I am sailing right along on the cardigan, and if I didn't have a lot of company, I suspect that it may have been completed by now!
The two sleeves do not match, and I didn't try. For one thing, I don't believe I could have matched them, since it's difficult to tell where the colors change because of the LONG color repeats! I also thought about knitting them both at once with a steek, and then cutting them and sewing them on the body, but I chose not to do that. So in the end, I just kept knitting without cutting the yarn. I hate to waste it!!
I think that in the future, I will not knit a two-color sleeve down from the shoulders when it is attached to the body. I hate all the turning the sweater, and the two strands of yarn, and the two-circular needles or dpns I am using.
Soon, I will have to do the ribbing on the center, and am thinking about doing it with steeks at the top and bottom so I will be knitting circularly, instead of knitting back and forth with corrugated ribbing. I tried it with the neck ribbing and hated it. I'm also thinking about the buttons, and whether my polymer clay skills are up to the color matching or not. But that's another day!!!

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